About us

About SAE Institute

Our History

SAE Institute was established as The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in October 1976 by engineer/producer Tom Misner, who in doing so developed the world's first combined practical and theoretical curriculum in audio engineering. Our unique education system remains the only one of its kind in the world and has since expanded to offer programs in other curriculums such as film making, multimedia and other creative medias. Our first courses began humbly in our own 4-track recording studio however, over the past three decades, SAE has developed into a world-wide network of campuses, boasting some of the most advanced equipment and facilities available to students studying in the creative media industries.

SAE Institute arrived in the United States in 1999, its first campus in mid-town New York City. SAE quickly added campuses in Nashville and Miami, followed by Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco and the most recent location in Chicago. 

Strategic Vision

1. Vision

To be the world leader in private post-secondary education for creative media technologies

2. Mission

  • We provide specialist vocational and higher education courses worldwide to inspire and develop our graduates
  • Our courses emphasize practical experience and the needs of students and industry
  • Our students access the latest knowledge and outstanding facilities to enhance their skills
  • We are globally networked as a professional community in creative media

3. Organizational values

We value:

  • Commitment to professional excellence: in learning and teaching; creative development; and student support
  • A culture of creativity and innovation
  • Teamwork and collegiality
  • A global perspective with respect for individual differences and diverse cultures
  • The application of technical mastery and analytical skill to working environments
  • Entrepreneurialism to achieve sustainable growth
  • Open intellectual enquiry and lifelong learning

4. Strategic Priorities 2010-2014

Our five strategic priorities are:

  1. Excellence in our courses and the quality of the student experience
  2. Students are supported to achieve industry-relevant skills and employment
  3. Sustainable organizational growth and development
  4. Making our global links benefit students, staff and the Institute
  5. Commitment to quality, efficiency and improvement in all our operations

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Mission Statement

The mission of SAE Institutes is to provide relevant theory and practice in the art and science of the Creative Media Industry.  SAE emphasizes practical experience providing facilities reflective of the professional workplace environment into which students graduate.  SAE faculty provides industry-standard best-practices in the career fields we teach so our graduates are fully prepared for entry-level jobs.  We place high respect on our world-wide professional community in our effort to provide well-educated, proactive, creatively intelligent and pragmatic contributors to society

Dr. Tom Misner – President and Founder